ARANZ (Applied Research Associates NZ Ltd) was established in 1995 as a private-sector research & development organization, in Christchurch New Zealand.

FastScan, an innovative handheld 3-D laser scanner, and FastRBF, groundbreaking software to model very large 3-D datasets, were the original developments that led ARANZ into many and diverse markets, from geological modelling and mining, to medical imaging and the movie industry.

ARANZ has now morphed into two new and separate companies:

  • ARANZ Geo Ltd, that develops and markets Leapfrog suite of products for the mining, hydrogeology, and geothermal industries
  • ARANZ Medical Ltd, that develops and markets Silhouette wound imaging, measurement and documentation systems.

All enquiries about ARANZ technologies and market activities should be directed to one or both of these organisations:

Thank you.